Performance Culture Builder

Learn how to build a performance culture like the pros


Course COST:  $479

Build a performance culture that works.

Develop the daily habits and behaviours found on championship teams.

What You Get

+ 1 Year ‘On-Demand’ access to all materials so you can take the course at your own speed

Course Content

  A proven system for building a performance culture. Tried, tested, true.

  Values based foundation that applies to any team in any age group.

  Player driven framework that identifies shared values.

  A system that ties shared values to desired behaviours needed to support the team.

  Roadmap for defining and communicating the team’s identity.

  How to set high standards and expectations that players will champion.

  A method to both praise and hold each other accountable, without the risk of losing trust, respect or commitment.

  All video content

  Downloadable Worksheets & Guides

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