Coach Athlete Communication roadmap

Form better coach althete relationships through improved communications

Course COST:  $979

Bridge The gap between words and understanding.

A communication roadmap to connect with every personality. Get clarity in your message.

What You Get

+ 1 Year ‘On-Demand’ access to all materials so you can take the course at your own speed

Course Content

  Communication style

  Personality Strengths Reports for every player and coach on the team

  Quick Reference ‘Team Personality Strengths Chart’

  Interaction Guide Roadmaps to help coaches communicate with each Personality Strength Style

  Downloadable Worksheets & Guides

  Teambuilder activities designed to support valuing each Personality Strength Style

  Practical, Actionable Ideas on how to apply the core concepts of the course

Videos that explain:

  Each of the 4 Personality Strength Styles

  What they excel at

  What they need to be confident

  How to motivate them

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